Monday, February 8, 2010

photo class

I have learned so much already in my Intro to DSLR very happy that I made the time to enroll. The last 'class' I took was defensive driving school for a speeding ticket a while back - so let's just say it has been quite some time since I have sat down for instruction, had homework, etc. Here are a few things I have learned (besides aperture, shutter and ISO settings).

I still put my homework off until the night before it is due. Last week's assignment has all my gears turning the minute we got it. I was FULL of brilliant ideas (the assignment was to shoot the following: green, flower, dirt, wood, close, night, glass, water). I think I even dreamt about the assignment. I was so excited! And then next thing I know, it is Saturday and I haven't shot anything. NOTHING. So yesterday (Sunday) I finally got to it - and I never got to my 'night shot' - and I am really only happy with about 3 of the photos I took. Also, I had and have focus issues.

I am really competitive and judgmental of my work, and that of the other students. And not really in a good way - it sort of brings out this side of me that I would rather not admit I have - petty, selfish, egocentric. But on the flip side it is the side of me that feeds my drive for success, attention to detail - basically the things that have carried me to the place I am now. So it can't be all bad?

So here is one of the three photos I like - I am going to go ahead and post it before it is critiqued tonight. Because I may come to find out there are all sorts of flaws here, but for now I like it. This is green/pattern/close. I got a super sweet new lens (that I kind of only sort of know how to use appropriately). What I was going for was a cool depth of field shot - I like the contrast between what is in & out of focus and the lines they create.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Christmas Wish

Caleb: "Can I have a brother for Christmas?"



Me: "Caleb, I just can't answer you right now because my heart and my ovaries have just exploded."