Thursday, June 23, 2011

a mighty life list

one of the blogs that i follow someone occasionally is Mighty Girl, who happens to be a list girl like me (and i strive to be mighty). i have had life lists before - none of which i can find at the moment, which is so very disappointing because i think i have even completed several items off that last one (took photography class, sewed something, started a college fund). happened to check in on Maggie today and was inspired to start a list again. i've broken my list down into some categories:

  • money matters: aka shit i hate to deal with like drawing up our wills. which i am 5 years overdue on. this particular item needs to move from the life list to the daily to-do list because it has GOT to get done. soon.

  • wanderlust: places to go see and one special place to return to (i had a ahhfrica).

  • delicious things: all things food & beverage related - some of which qualify in the wanderlust category and vice versa.

  • feel better: aka stop being so damn fat. lose 10 pounds is the first goal and i've got to say, i think i am pretty close! in other words, the primal diet is working.

  • vanity: i am not especially vain but there are days i wouldn't mind turning heads.

  • the abode: things i want to do for my house. also, purchase a second house that is on a beach (see money matters).

  • my cub: things i want to do and share with caleb specifically. laughing about the toilet and farts and such not included because we do that DAILY.

  • do some good: i am fortunate and others are not and i should take some time to help other people.

  • for the brain: i am smart and want to keep it that way.

  • i like ahht: arts & culture type things like purchasing a museum membership and using it more than the one time when you bought the membership