Wednesday, September 14, 2011

things i never want to forget

i did not keep a baby book and i regret it like crazy.  'when did caleb start crawling?' Umm - oh - hmm.  hang on, let me sort through the enormous digital photo library (conveniently tagged with photo taken on information) and see when the first crawling photo shows up.  it should only take me, well, 20 or 30 minutes and we can assume plus or minus a week from that date.

in hindsight, i would have written down much much more than i did.  so here are just a few things that have been said recently that i just never never want to forget.

while flipping through halloween costume catalog:
"I could be a B.F. Newton Ninja Turtle"

on what people were doing 2000 years ago (specifically the Shaolin monks):
"was that, like, in the 80's?"
"no caleb, the 80's were only 20 years ago, not 2000"
"well, what are we in now, the twooties?"

on new kindergarten friend kevin:
"he looks like he is from china, but really, he is from charlotte"
side note:  kevin portillo is, in fact, clearly hispanic

first day of kindergarten at Shamrock Gardens Elementary:

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Primal Challenge

I'm going on 3 months now.  3 months and about 20 pounds down (I haven't weighed in for over a week.  Because I haven't been to the gym in...over a week.  Tonight I will go to Sandy's class and weigh in - hoping to cross that next Life List item off!).  So yeah, feeling pretty great - people are taking notice which is as much a motivator as anything else (like sleeping better, having more energy, dropping a size, maybe more).  But over the past couple weeks, I have found myself more tempted than ever - and I'm cheating (just a little bit).  Skipping the daily walk/workout, indulging more on Trader Joes Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt Covered Almonds, not planning the week's meals, and even going to Dairy Queen (it was really really delicious).

All this said, I'd like to reach my ultimate goal of 30 (hmm - 40?) pounds down by the end of the year and these indiscretions, while not as bad as say, eating doughnuts for breakfast every morning, are going to make it harder to reach that goal.  Just in time, Mark Sisson is launching the 30 Day Primal Challenge on September 12 which should be just the thing I need to get back in the swing of things.  Looking forward to Monday!