Life List

money matters
draw up a will
buy stock in something
set up an ira
pay off remaining debts (irs, student loan)
send caleb to college on money saved

go see fletch & jess in portland - food trucks, willamette valley
vietnam (3 week minimum)
africa (return)
austria and/or germany (also see riesling in food & drink)
tokyo with shelby - we are going to cross the world's busiest crosswalk and eat the crap out of some sushi

delicious things
meet madame bize-leroy (also see travel)
learn/taste everything there is to know about riesling
cook a whole hog
go to a 3 michelin star restaurant in spain
go to momofuko
make cheese
meet a 'celebrity' chef (like eric ripert - he is delicious)
bake a perfect french baguette
work another harvest

feel better
lose 10 pounds
July 7, 2011 - weighed in, sneaking on the scale at the pediatrician’s office for a minor head wound injury which required 3 stitches.
lose 10 more pounds
September 7, 2011 - I feel like I have been hovering around this milestone for a week or two - just a pound or two away.  FINALLY the scales confirmed it.  Feeling really really great about this. 
and lose 10 more pounds
quit smoking
attend regular exercise class
 August 17, 2011 - I’ve been to Sandy’s sculpt class almost every single Wednesday night for the past 8 weeks so I’m going to go ahead and say I can cross this off the list but vow to keep going.  I am also going to add another bullet point on this list for some regular yoga.
establish regular yoga practice
ride my bike
climb a mountain
go primal
August 1, 2011 – Started the primal diet on May 31st, so this marks the two month mark and we are going strong.  Hate calling it a diet, but loathe calling it a lifestyle change.  Whatever it is, I’m thinking I will be sticking to it.  One sandwich in 2 months.  WOW.
September 14, 2011 - UPDATE - still Primal and have taken on the 30 Day Primal Challenge to hone in a bit on things and re-jump the weight loss engine.  Today's challenge was to write in your Primal story - which I did.  While my story has not ended, it has gotten off to a spectacular start. 

wear the black silk dress with the pears on it
laser treatment for sun damage patch on my cheek
buy an expensive – really expensive - bag
sport a super short haircut again
October 22, 2011 - It is not super short, but certainly short.  Getting there...

the abode
plant an herb garden
buy a beach home
make a windowseat cushion
consolidate the junk drawers/area/piles to one or none per room
build a second story

my cub
teach caleb to ride a bike (no training wheels)
take caleb camping/fishing
read a series of chapter books together (narnia, harry potter, lord of the rings)

do some good
serve on a community board
King's Kitchen - serving on fundraising board for this non-profit restaurant that happens to also serve up some pretty delicious food.
volunteer regularly
September 7, 2001 - Shamrock Gardens - if by regularly you mean every other day, than check.  First event I've planned (pretty much solo) is Kindergarten Grade Dinner tomorrow night.  After that refocusing on the Kitchen Cart.  

for the brain
 read 25 books in one year
September 7, 2011 - such progress!  I am only 4 books away from my goal!  Keeping track and swapping books on Goodreads
November 3, 2011 - Last night I finished my 25th book this year - 10,457 pages.
stop using automatic settings on my camera
complete a sunday nyt crossword
learn conversational spanish
learn french again
blog – update style and publish weekly

i like aht
be a season ticket holder
mural by laura lashley
fruit/veggie illustrated pregnancy calendar
watch all the big nominees (picture, actor, actress) before the oscars

just for fun
throw a surprise party for someone
sing karaoke
learn the thriller dance
buy a vintage convertible – mercedes or alfa romeo variety

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