Wednesday, September 30, 2009

listening: Pandora station created with First Day of My Life by Bright Eyes
reading: emails. lots and lots of emails. my inbox hasn't been filed/cleaned out properly in three weeks.
watching: caught the series premiere of Flash Forward last night. Not bad - hoping this is a series that unfolds with many regular answers and does not pose any more mysteries. That's how Lost lost me. also hoping it isn't cancelled before answering those questions.
eating: yogurt and granola for breakfast
drinking: coffee I brewed at home - implying i did not stop and pay way too much for what is a slightly better cup, but not enough to justify the expense and the trash.
CAP: seems like the new daily morning routine is waking up late on the wrong side of the bed. for both of us.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

what these SHOULD say

it occurred to me that it would be fun to think about what these would say if i was living someone else's life posing as my own.

listening: the sounds of a babbling brook and rustling leaves while on a nature walk
reading: Infinite Jest - for the second time - because i am that smart
watching: my baby blossom in to a handsome young gentleman. also, this is meant to imply i have no television.
eating: local, healthy, slowly, with my family, at regular times
drinking: 10 glasses of water a day
CAP: 'yes, mother, i would like an additional helping of fresh green vegetables because they are both nutritious and delicious. thank you for having the time to prepare such a wonderful meal for me. after this, i think i will retire quietly to my quarters to sleep for the night.'

a new strategy with possible copyright issues

imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

and now it is my turn. i need some sort of regular update feature instituted to keep me writing so i am going to borrow some ideas from a few blogs i like and follow. goal is to try to fill in the blanks here and perhaps those answers will lead to interesting posts. or not.

doesn't have to be in that actual moment, just what is most exciting in my head at the moment. CAP is reserved for great Caleb moments - of which there are MANY.

listening: The Decemberists Hazards of Love
reading: Ashamed to admit I am 'between books' - so I guess that means I am reading magazines - food & wine related and I have a stack of about 6-8.
watching: The Wire Season 2
eating: pork belly - we are experimenting at home with bacon and belly
drinking: Losada Bierzo
CAP: So last night during bath time Caleb made up his own Star Wars song. Further testament to the fact he is absolutely the coolest kid ever. Tonight I will try to recreate the magic and this time record it.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

bicycles & pedestrians

I applaud you all for taking it to the streets - but please, for your own safety - stop being so audacious (and in some cases, ignorant). because you will get hit and even if it IS the car's partial fault, you are still the one with the potentially crippling injuries.

the cyclists fall in to the audacious category. in fact, i think they are frequently self important and entitled. like, look at me, i am all healthy and fancy in my tight bike wear and i own these streets. but here's the thing - the other day two of you needed to ride side by side on what was already a pretty narrow street. and there was a landscaping truck/trailer just up ahead. i looked ahead and slowed down for you. you both (still side by side) pulled out pretty quickly to go around that trailer. had i not been looking out for you and being otherwise pretty courteous, I would have completely made a sandwich out of you. a crash sandwich. now, let's just say i was on my phone (guilty) or talking to caleb (also guilty) or changing the radio station (guilty) or texting (not guilty but it happens ALL THE TIME) - you, my friends, would probably never ride a bike again. how about next time instead of acting like you have the rights to the road, be realistic that you have no more chance than an antelope on the savannah. because the lion will EAT YOU. you need to be aware of the predators and just avoid confrontation with them. because, again, they will eat you.

pedestrians are another beast. what really prompted this post - which is, admittedly, sort of stupid - is the number of close calls i have come with pedestrians in just the past two days. start at the corner of central & pecan and go one block in each direction - these are the sites of all infractions - of which there are many! let me back up and mention that i reserve one excuse to spank my child - and that is if he EVER runs out in to the road. thankfully it has not yet happened, but when it does, you better believe he will know that what he did was worse than anything he has ever done before because there will be a spanking. because it is THAT dangerous and I want to put that fear in his little mind. that being said, there are ADULTS that do that very thing - walk across the street without even looking. it is incredulous! and then when i come to a screeching halt to avoid, umm, KILLING YOU - you have the GALL to stare at me as if I (me! me?) was in the wrong. You, my friend, are an idiot. survival of the fittest?