Wednesday, October 14, 2009

a rainy day edition

Today is one of those days that i want to make a bed in the living room and watch movies all day. Rainy, nasty, cold.

or rather, what I may listen to later - Richard Louv, the author of a book (The Last Child In the Woods) that i have been trying to read for oh, 9 months, was on Charlotte Talks this morning talking about kids with 'Nature Deficit Disorder.' I love the hypothesis of the book but not really a page turner if you know what i mean.
reading: well, NOT The Last Child In the Woods. BUT as a marketing director with nary a marketing class under her belt I often question if I am doing what Marketing Director are supposed to be doing. But what I have been reading this morning are several mags featuring some of our wines and I like to think I played a role in making that happen. Check out some of the highlights:
and also HERE
Also, in tomorrow's Wine & Spirits mag we have 2 producers featured on the Top 100 Wineries list!
watching: the days count down until it is time to go to Chicago!
eating: a real home cooked dinner every night this week - following an article from last month's Real Simple. Didn't like the Week 1 recipes, but Week 2 pretty good so far. Also, I spent only about $70 at the store for the week.
drinking: in moderation. because i have a feeling that chicago will pretty much be a binge.
CAP: woke up with his manners this morning

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