Tuesday, December 15, 2009

iphotograph food

just a sampling of some of the food moments over the past year that i felt were worthy of a camera phone shot.

Jamon at Vila Viniteca in Barcelona. My love for all things pork is well known and well documented (my son was conceived at Bacon Camp). I went from having a crush on Spain to falling head over heels when he/she served me jamon at every meal.

Pickle bar at a deli in New Jersey. Some people may have been more impressed by the sandwich with 48 ounces of deli meat (which while impressive was more of a nuisance).

Taco stand in Sayulita, Mexico. This whole rig was awesome and the second best taco we had on Taco Tour.

Raw shellfish platter at Kabuki in Madrid. This was easily one of the best meals of my life - hands down the best sushi I have ever had and the wines we drank that night were just plain crazy good. LOOK at the deliciousness on this platter - Razorclams! Oysters from Galicia!

Cloud at L2O in Chicago. I hate I didn't snag a menu from our dinner there - HUGE regret - because while the meal was so very memorable, I cannot remember many of the details. I do remember there was foie gras lurking in this cave of cotton candy. Also, I had fish (escolar) that tasted like pastrami. Also, I took a picture of the tiny baguette (do you like the advil for scale?)

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Michele H. said...

TACOS! I want TACOS! in Sayulita of course.