Tuesday, May 31, 2011

going primal

i am the heaviest i have ever been and not at all happy about it. i resist writing about this because, quite frankly, i don't want to write a weight loss/diet blog. but also, i resist out of pure fear. fear that i have committed these thoughts to somewhere permanent and in the event of failure it will only serve as a painful reminder that i quit. so i am just going to go ahead and put it out there in the hopes that this will become part of my motivational arsenal. this and the box of clothes labelled "too small but i love them."

so quickly, after an expensive trip to the naturopath (another motivator - someone i have to report back to!) i am working on resetting my metabolism to address thyroid and glucose/insulin issues. on strict ten day diet that is pretty much part atkins, part paleo (if a caveman ate it, so can i) and totally without sandwiches.

so that's it. there it is. i'm admitting that i started a diet and i hope to hell i look back at this while wearing that cute white linen top with the black piping and say I DID IT.

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