Wednesday, November 5, 2008

mixed emotions- my relationship with gary v

Gary VAY-NER-CHUK.  am i a fan?  his "sniffy sniffs" drive me crazy.  i kind of hate wine descriptions in general (tasting notes are my nemesis) - graphite, gooseberries - not really reference points for me -  how about was it good??  he rarely (if ever?) tells the story about the people and places - wine for me is about the story - he skips those narrative altogether.  his names for things are downright ridiculous (btw - one of Caleb's new favorite words - re-dic-a-lus) - i mean, show some respect.  and don't get me started on the "somms" and "somm wines."  sheesh.  over the top.  

BUT the fact of the matter is, Gary V. has a fierce following and the guy can sell some wine.  and for that i have always had respect for him. 

So as i was navagating the interwebs looking at wine blogs, i found this video of a speech the Gary did at a recent web expo.  so i have watched it twice now.  and i am asking myself.  okay, are you really falling for this?  i mean, you are more intelligent than to subscribe to his tony robbins bullshit.  but honestly?  and i will admit it - this speech is great, inspiring, humorous - and i think i kind of like the guy, maybe really like the guy.  i will never refer to myself as a "vayniac" not will i be caught dead on a thunder cruise but i think i could hang out with him


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