Monday, November 3, 2008

urban sharks, dolphins and whales

i am not sure at what age kids start using their imagination - i can only think it is pretty early, but we just don't realize it until they can talk about what it is they are conjuring up in their little heads.  our first indicators that caleb had imaginary thoughts have been the many nights that he won't fall asleep because he is scared or has woken up from a bad dream - which is very sad that this is how it manifested itself - but i guess all part of life.

but yesterday, he showed me what i thought (of course) was pure brilliance on the creative/imagination scale and certainly super cute.  caleb picked up a big stick that was somewhat rounded - like the shape of a bow.  he held the larger end and placed the smaller end into the grass.  after pausing there for a few minutes he turned around to me and said, "mom, i got a shark!"  i said, "a shark? where did you get a shark?"  "in my pond" he replied, "he is not going to bite me.  here mommy, take it off" and he shoved the small end of the stick in my face to remove the shark.  he fished in the pond for a few more minutes, snagging a dolphin and even a couple whales - all of which i helped take off the end of his pole.  the phone rang so i ran inside and left caleb in the yard - errr, at his pond.  

when i came back outside, he had moved on to the enormous bush that resides in the corner of the yard with fishing pole in hand catching more whales.  i ran back inside to grab my camera and by the time i got back out he was done with the fishing and on to whipping the bush with the stick.  but at two years old, anything that keeps him entertained for more than 3 minutes is great and his fishing trip was at least 10.  guess i know what he will get for his birthday next to convince erik to take him fishing...

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