Tuesday, December 23, 2008

i am terrible at this - the blogging, not the recommending

well, here's a post...
i am asked more than anything else, what do you recommend.
so call it my year end list (which i love and loathe) - things from our portfolio that are cheap & tasty:

  • Pesquie Terrasses – Cotes du Rhone style, this has been a favorite of mine for a long time – I am sure I have brought a bottle to your house before (if i have been invited) - it is a staple at ours.
  • Andezon Cotes du Rhone – another great Grenache/Syrah blend, like Terrasses but maybe slightly lighter in style
  • Novellum Chardonnay – if you need chard (I rarely do) this is a good one – a crowd pleaser, so good for parties
  • Domaine Lafage Cote Est & Cote Sud – good sipping wines, I probably prefer the white to the red, but both are great values 


  • Alto Almanzora Este – from Andalucia – an “everything but the kitchen sink” blend, but very tasty and ten bucks
  • Con Class Rueda – awesome white – crisp and too easy to polish off a bottle!  Bright orange label, hard to miss
  • Espelt Vailet –  RIGHT over the border from France, you have to drive through their vineyards to get to El Bulli (i was RIGHT THERE and did not go, a heartbreaker).  Cute green label (designer did the Olympics Barcelona) 
  •  Mas Donis – a pretty serious red for the $$ - eric calls this “baby Priorat” – Capcanes is in the adjoining region, Montsant
  • Burgans Albarino – another white – probably our best selling white – GREAT with shellfish
  • Castano Monastrell, Hecula & Solanera – all three of these are great, my personal preference is probably for the solanera, but it is the priciest.  Are all good and you can usually find good pricing since they are frequently discounted
  • Artazuri – not my favorite, but people go nuts for this…so worth a try!

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