Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Things I Learned the Week of March 22 - 28 - Part I, Boston

1.  It is not springtime in Boston yet.  In fact, it is bitter cold and windy.
2.  TORO restaurant {Boston} is just great.  Thanks to Courtney & staff for great, albeit cramped space and delish food - especially our little piggy.  How could they have known the way to my heart is via swine?
3.  The post Toro jaunt to Pho Republique seemed absolutely necessary at the time.  And, in fact, it was.  Except maybe for the giant girly drinks that were ordered.  But definitely for the ribs.  I seem to recall I was in SHOW OFF mode and took down an entire rib in one suck and bite motion.  Classy.
4.  Why is it that in the Northeast,  folks will drive in from all over - Maine, NH, Vermont, RI - and not make a big deal about it?  Maybe that is why the region is often referred to as "New England" and they can all share a football team.  But then again, how many people come up from Charleston to see the "Carolina" Panthers? 
5.  Sometimes it is the people you least expect that stress you out the most.  A cautionary word against taking someone out of their element and expecting them to be "okay"
6.  500+ people in attendance makes for one happy boss and fifty happy producers.
7.  It helps when giving directions from the hotel to the restaurant to include ALL the turns to be made.  And most importantly the FIRST left out of the hotel.  Oops.
8.  More thanks to Kenny, Brett and staff for our quick, perfect bite at LTK.  Is eating four lobster roll sliders going a bit too far?  perhaps - but i saw it done.  By several people.
9.  Note to concierge:  when i said i needed cabs to the airport for 50 people ready at 5:05 I sort of meant it.  I thought you were on my side.  Maybe it was a cab company conspiracy.  I'll give you that.
10. I know that a fear of flying is no laughing matter, but it sure is cute on a thirty something Spaniard.

Next...New York

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