Tuesday, November 10, 2009

korks for kids

Support children and help reduce environmental waste

WHAT you can do: save your corks. that’s it – find a bag/box, a little space and start saving.

WHERE the money goes: children with autism – i am organizing this in honor of my good friends dawn & kylie. kylie has been caleb’s buddy since they were about 6 months old and she was diagnosed with autism about a year and a half ago. she has made remarkable strides but there is so much more to be learned about autism and how we can help these kids thrive.

Korks for Kids recycles the corks and sells them as material for composite corks and flooring – proceeds from that sale go to the Autism Foundation.

WHO can participate: you and anyone you know. But bear in mind that it would be fantastic if you could collect in a central location (store, restaurant) for the big pick up day.

WHEN I will pick up the corks: if they become unruly, I will arrange to have them picked up when you ask, otherwise I plan on doing a BIG pickup to pull it all together and ship (I will cover this expense).

WHY should you do this: support the cause and reduce waste with very little effort and no cost to you – why not?

HOW to get involved: just shoot me [emily peterson] a quick email to emanderik@gmail.com and let me know you are going to participate.

thank you for your support

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