Thursday, January 14, 2010

pat on the back

There is rarely a lack of great ideas and good intentions for me - my problem has always been in the execution and follow through department. So when I actually do motivate and cross off things on the lost, I get especially proud of myself. This post is really just about boasting, but here are a few things I am pleased about.
1. Getting all my contacts organized. The launch pad for this project was my new MacBook - a clean slate. So I compiled and merged 5 sets of contacts - from the desktop, old laptop, work exchange account, iPhone and christmas card excel sheet (they only place that contained physical addresses for anyone). OH were there duplicates and deletions but I streamlined to a cool 490 contacts that 'made the cut.'
2. Enrolled in photography class. About a year and a half ago I purchased a Nikon D60 camera which changed my life. But honestly, I use it to about 10% of its capabilities and while I like to think I have taken some pretty sweet shots, it was time to learn a bit more in order to become a little more legit. Also, hoping I can use my new smarts and apply to a trip to Spain in May (fingers crossed). The class I am taking is Introduction to DSLR Photography at the Light Factory with Peter Zay - who is originally from Hungary and bears a striking resemblance to Daniel Castano.
3. Signed up for a CSA with New Town Farms. I should say I am not as much proud, but so very thankful I got on the list! I have been on the New Town wait list for years and since that initial sign up have gotten to know Sammy much better through farm dinners and at the market. Let's just say not only is thier produce hands down the finest in the area, but they are about the nicest people in the world and I am thrilled to be able to support them while they support me. Sure, sure - locovore is the buzz word and I am clearly on the band wagon - but this really is a win-win for everyone. So here's to good eating come spring!

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