Tuesday, January 5, 2010

renny & wilbur

When Caleb was a little more than 2 - let's go with 2 1/3 - he befriended two very small imaginary (boys? men? wasn't clear on age) - Lenny and Wilbur (as I understood their names at that time). It is hard to visualize anything other a couple cut characters from a Steinbeck novel. Not much to say about Lenny & Wilbur - they tagged along from time to time, most often travelling in pockets, sometimes they played outside, other times they were locked in the cage or hiding. Not constant companions and in fact, just a few months ago I thought they were simply gone since they hadn't been mentioned in a while. So tonight Caleb was playing on the couch with RENNY (we came to discover he was saying this all along) and Wilbur and he said something about them crying because of their mom (never did get to the bottom of what horrible offense she had committed) and then out of nowhere he said, "Renny & Wilbur don't have a dad. He died in an accident. In the road. A car got him." So tonight, we remember Renny & Wilbur's dad. RIP.

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Michele H. said...

Oh poor Renny and Wilbur! Gotta love imagination.