Friday, July 8, 2011

On a scale of...

after a recent trip to the RISD art museum, i was inspired to think what i (an un-artist for the most part), would create that would be something completely original, something that really spoke to/about me.  after a few days with this in the back of my mind on vacation, i kept coming back to the image of a scale.

i struggle with the scale in so many ways - weight of course being the most nagging.  i don't own a scale, but instead weigh in when i happen to chance upon one.  The last chance i had was yesterday on an unfortunate trip to the pediatrician to stitch up a little head wound.  i snuck onto the kids scale, hoping it wasn't calibrated to calculate only kids, not fat moms (that thought really did cross my mind, how ridiculous).  i snuck on and off quickly, unbeknownst to any of the nurses around me.  they also didn't know that they were (un)witnesses to me crossing off a LIFE LIST item, and one of the ones I am most excited to complete.


i did it.  Ten down.


the other scale related struggle i have is finding balance in my life - work/family/friends/self.  i do not believe that i will ever have the time to be the emily i want to be for all the people/things in my life.  which is pretty disappointing.  i found some hope in this great interview with gabrielle hamilton, who basically says, fuck the balance, or rather, she puts it a bit more eloquently:  'balance is elusive.'  Here's the clip:

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