Monday, August 8, 2011

A case of the Mondays

things have not gone as planned today.
woke up at 8:15 - that's over an hour later than usual
i felt disgusting due to non-shower sunday + general swampiness
forgot to rinse conditioner out of hair
dropped caleb off for summer camp - in a church sanctuary instead of regular room (which wasn't great to begin with) - i hate that camp
spilled entire glass of iced coffee all over desk/office floor
sprang booby-trapped freezer items while making 2nd glass of iced coffee
skipped gym
lost all internet connectivity to wireless printer
misspelled muskrat
restarted computers multiple times in hopes to restore previous blissful state
cursed at computers and technology in general (first world problem)
looked down and it is 11:36 and i have accomplished next to nothing

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