Friday, August 19, 2011

feel better life list

opened up and updated the life list today.  all of the items checked off were in the 'feel better' category so i suppose that is my super focus right now.  among the items that have been checked off:

  • attend regular exercise class (wednesday nights with sandy) - 6 consecutive weeks
  • go primal - 2 1/2 months
items that i hope to check off in the next 7-10 days
  • lose 10 more pounds (I am 17 total pouinds down - 3 more to check this guy off)
items that are in other categories that are seeing real progress:
  • read 25 books in a year (I've read 19 so far - 12% ahead of schedule)
  • volunteer regularly (Shamrock PTA - 3 projects so far and school hasn't started yet)
item that nags me every day:
  • draw up a will
item I most wish I can achieve:
  • buy a beach house

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