Friday, July 10, 2009

Are You There Internet? It's Me, Emily

I am a super failure at this blogging thing! I really just remembered that I never wrapped up my 'Things I Learned' that week and now too much time has passed and I have already forgotten the lessons. I may owe an apology to San Francisco for the final night when I wrapped it up and cut it up with the Spaniards - they are a rowdy bunch!

So here is the list of blog entries that I have failed to write:
1. 'Things I Leaned the week of...Part II, New York'. Highlights included my attempts to act like I was totally comfortable in that city. I did manage a crosstown errand to track down a bottle of Mas Donis Barrica in its fancy new package. Never found it and deeply disappointed a certain someone that did not deserve to be let down. But I navigated across several streets, in and out of 3 cabs, and into a couple buildings with resounding success.
2. 'Things I Learned the week of...Part III, San Francisco'. Arrival to perfect spring weather, decent tasting, lots of trips to NOPA, a late night at Absinthe, amazing dinner at Spruce. Wrapped up the final night at about 4am drinking Mas Alta (?!?) that i managed to talk the night duty folks at the Fairmont in to letting me grab out of our storage room. Apparently I can do 'sober' and 'responsible' pretty well even at 3am.
3. 'Sayulita, Mexico'. Casa Brava was pretty much one of the greatest houses i have ever stayed in. Taco Tour was pretty much the cheapest best 'meal' i have ever eaten. Non-naps were pretty much the greatest escapes my brain have had in recent memory. Week long girls trip is pretty much a great idea for a vacation. Returning from Mexico exactly 2 days before 'SNOUTBREAK 2009' was pretty much not cool at all.
4. 'Spain 2009'. My first trip since second grade and it was AWESOME. I hope to spend much more time in this amazing country! I made a very novice little multimedia piece (that impressed!) that can be viewed HERE . In addition to the wine things, i visited the Reina Sofia in Madrid and have an amazingly visceral, emotional visit thanks to one Pablo Picasso. Guernica is truly something to be experienced, not just viewed - it about brought me to tears. Also was this extremely eerie sculpture piece by Juan Munoz called 'Many Times' and then the exhibit on the New Figurative Movement made me ashamed I do not know a bit more about the world of art, because i sure do enjoy it. Had wine meal of a lifetime at Kabuki restaurant - maybe i will write this up separately sometime and include some of the pictures i took with my phone that night.
5. "My Cub Turns Three'. So this just happened but i am pretty much in shock that i have what is now a real little boy (at this point he would say, 'i am NOT a little boy - i'm a big kid!') who does boy things and knows the big 5 dinosaurs and likes to do kung fu and exasperates me to no end until he says 'mom, i am happy now and i like you' and loves dressing up as a super hero and can't play chutes & ladders or memory the correct way which drives me nuts and who laughs at all the right jokes and finds things as silly as they are and who asks to be tickled and has his own cute names for food and drink (like CreeSahs). Babies are fine - sometimes i miss the peace but i just can't imagine getting all worked up about rolling over and shit like that when now caleb can tell me that a T Rex eats meat and that means he is a carnivore. Skills!

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