Tuesday, September 29, 2009

a new strategy with possible copyright issues

imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

and now it is my turn. i need some sort of regular update feature instituted to keep me writing so i am going to borrow some ideas from a few blogs i like and follow. goal is to try to fill in the blanks here and perhaps those answers will lead to interesting posts. or not.

doesn't have to be in that actual moment, just what is most exciting in my head at the moment. CAP is reserved for great Caleb moments - of which there are MANY.

listening: The Decemberists Hazards of Love
reading: Ashamed to admit I am 'between books' - so I guess that means I am reading magazines - food & wine related and I have a stack of about 6-8.
watching: The Wire Season 2
eating: pork belly - we are experimenting at home with bacon and belly
drinking: Losada Bierzo
CAP: So last night during bath time Caleb made up his own Star Wars song. Further testament to the fact he is absolutely the coolest kid ever. Tonight I will try to recreate the magic and this time record it.

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