Tuesday, September 1, 2009

bicycles & pedestrians

I applaud you all for taking it to the streets - but please, for your own safety - stop being so audacious (and in some cases, ignorant). because you will get hit and even if it IS the car's partial fault, you are still the one with the potentially crippling injuries.

the cyclists fall in to the audacious category. in fact, i think they are frequently self important and entitled. like, look at me, i am all healthy and fancy in my tight bike wear and i own these streets. but here's the thing - the other day two of you needed to ride side by side on what was already a pretty narrow street. and there was a landscaping truck/trailer just up ahead. i looked ahead and slowed down for you. you both (still side by side) pulled out pretty quickly to go around that trailer. had i not been looking out for you and being otherwise pretty courteous, I would have completely made a sandwich out of you. a crash sandwich. now, let's just say i was on my phone (guilty) or talking to caleb (also guilty) or changing the radio station (guilty) or texting (not guilty but it happens ALL THE TIME) - you, my friends, would probably never ride a bike again. how about next time instead of acting like you have the rights to the road, be realistic that you have no more chance than an antelope on the savannah. because the lion will EAT YOU. you need to be aware of the predators and just avoid confrontation with them. because, again, they will eat you.

pedestrians are another beast. what really prompted this post - which is, admittedly, sort of stupid - is the number of close calls i have come with pedestrians in just the past two days. start at the corner of central & pecan and go one block in each direction - these are the sites of all infractions - of which there are many! let me back up and mention that i reserve one excuse to spank my child - and that is if he EVER runs out in to the road. thankfully it has not yet happened, but when it does, you better believe he will know that what he did was worse than anything he has ever done before because there will be a spanking. because it is THAT dangerous and I want to put that fear in his little mind. that being said, there are ADULTS that do that very thing - walk across the street without even looking. it is incredulous! and then when i come to a screeching halt to avoid, umm, KILLING YOU - you have the GALL to stare at me as if I (me! me?) was in the wrong. You, my friend, are an idiot. survival of the fittest?

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