Wednesday, July 29, 2009

it did it by the self of it

this is something my family still says today - taken from my adorable age 3ish vernacular. and as cute as it is, it is really the only phrase that remains from this awesome time in language. and it is an awesome time for language as i am now discovering again with my own 3ish year old. despite the fact that caleb's questions are INCESSANT and hence a little exhausting*- they are also chock full of little nuggets that i never want to forget. but, i suspect i will as i have most of the details of my pregnancy and his first year. so, to try to immortalize just a few of my favorites - i anticipate this post to be one i will add on too because i KNOW i am not even scratching the surface here:
1. endearing pronunciations, food related: 'swammich' 'creesah'
2. endearing pronunciation, while being kind of a brat: 'weave-me-wown'
3. learning manners: 'please-may-can-i-...'
4. emoting: 'you make me upset'

*i have just about given up reading books that have pictures - we end up just talking about the pictures because i can't read 3 words without a questions about who he is, or what he is doing, or why does he have that. on a related note, caleb 'reads' most of GO DOG GO to me now - and Tony and his Friends. And the Honey Hunt. given some quiet and concentration, i am pretty sure i could recite all three of those cover to cover.

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