Wednesday, July 29, 2009

latchkey kid

so it is wednesday morning and our first milk home delivery arrives. in addition to yummy, tasty fresh milk, Lakeview Farms also offers other grocery staples (some local, all organic). We got some nitrate free bacon, farm eggs, pancake & waffle mix and a single pot pie to try. So as i am putting away my groceries - that were delivered to my door - caleb asked to help so i gave him the pot pie to put in the freezer - which he did with resounding success.

MEANWHILE. my coffee has finished brewing so i pour a cup and as i do so, caleb asks if he can have coffee too, BUT NOT THE KIND WITH MILK THAT YOU STIR. {backstory: i used to/kind of still frequent coffee shops much more often than i care to admit - often with caleb and he would get a chocolate milk which we called his 'coffee.' coffee for him has never been anything BUT chocolate milk. at home, chocolate milk does not come in boxes, it is made with MILK THAT YOU STIR}

SO. this leads to a 3-4 alarm temper tantrum - because the only coffee i have is the KIND WITH MILK THAT YOU STIR - and now caleb does not want to go to school. it was high drama - he even tried to (and sort of succeeded in) physically preventing me from heading to the car. After about 5 minutes or so, i throw up my hands and tell him FINE. you can stay here today by yourself. there are plenty of toys and books in your room to keep you busy. if you get hungry for lunch, you can get something from the refrigerator. i suggest after you eat your lunch you lay down and have some quiet time. i will be home around 5. yes, i said all of that and started to turn around to 'walk out the door.' at this point during my tirade, caleb is quiet and sort of sheepishly taking it all in. and as i am heading to work (right) he starts to mumble something.

so, thinking he has reconsidered and maybe maybe was even mustering up an apology, i get closer to hear him and ask him to repeat it. and he says, "for lunch i am going to have the new thing that i put away before."

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Michele H. said...

Too funny. Ah what else are we in store for.