Monday, July 27, 2009

my radius

often times i agree to things that i will later regret for one reason or the other - 9 times out of 10 the event or whatever itself isn't so bad, but i would rather be home or within a mile or two radius of my home so i can be home in 2 minutes. but certainly not driving to a portion of town that i will undoubtedly get lost in.

several (many?) years ago (i was trying to think exactly how many years ago, but truthfully, i have no idea and when i queried google it don't come up with a snappy enough answer) - how ever many years ago, they built 485 that ran between pineville and matthews - two towns i knew only because there was a target in each of them (but not one in the charlotte city limits (YET)). so one day i decided to head to one of the said target stores - in pineville - or as i referred to it in my head, 'the one at the end of south boulevard'. at the time, it took about 35-40 minutes to get to pineville, but not only was there the target but also plenty of other discount shopping destinations - so it was worth it.

after scoring what i am sure were some sweet deals, i thought i would be clever and just hop on the new expressway over to matthews ('the one at the end of independence blvd with equally good prospects for scoring a great deal') and since it was nearing rush hour, avoid driving across town/on I77, etc. there is a road (regular road) called pineville-matthews road so i guess i just assumed the two suburbs were right next to each other. and now with this super fast expressway, i could be in matthews in 5, and then a straight shot up independence against traffic for a smooth 15-20.

so i start driving. and pass an exit (not to matthews). and drive some more. no exits. then an exit. and i drive some more. and then i am like, 'did i miss the exit?' so i turn around - after driving about 10-15 minutes, maybe? and i drive. and i drive. and i get off at the exit for carolina place mall (never visited) which is in PINEVILLE. so i turn around again, convinced i must have missed the exit (TWICE now). and i drive and i drive and i drive until FINALLY i hit matthews. and it is NO WHERE NEAR pineville. i vow to never travel on 485 again in my life.

and THIS is why i stay in my radius. I still have to think twice about which of those suburbs is at the end of south blvd and which independence. i have NO IDEA where waxhaw or weddington are but i suspect providence road eventually dumps you out into one of them. i DO know where ballantyne is because i had an event there in my past life but i have NO reason nor desire to return (by the way - i went there pretty often for about a year and a half. i always took the freeway except one time i experimented with colony road. unsuccessfully).

but tonight? i have agreed to a tasting at rivergate. i just google mapped it and it is almost to south carolina. past the dreaded 485 - like, WAY past it. the address says charlotte, but i say no. and i am thinking...why, oh WHY do i agree to do these things? south carolina, will be seeing you in just a few hours.

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